Welcome to Schools Broadband
Serving Academies and Trust Groups Across the UK

Schools Broadband is a specialist Internet service provider to Academies and Trust Groups, delivering fast, secure broadband connections together with globally unique web filtering and network protection services.

Our web filtering ensures schools comply with all regulatory requirements and our filters have one of the most comprehensive sets of education specific filters available to schools. In fact, our filtering platform is one of the most advanced in the world.

In 2017/18 we were awarded Best Security ISP by the Internet Service Providers Association, meaning there is no one more qualified to ensure the full protection of your school’s network.

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What we provide

  • Private Wide Area Networks, specifically for Multi Academy Trusts

  • Secure private data network across multiple sites

  • Simplified network management from one central point, making it easy to add and change sites

  • Fully supported product with true end-to-end quality of service

  • Intelligent distribution of bandwidth allows multiple services such as Voice, internet, server and WAN

Why Schools Broadband?

  • Guaranteed speeds and Service Level Agreements
  • DfE Compliant web filtering
  • Built on world leading carrier grade technologies
  • The Best Security ISP for Education
  • Visibility of real-time reports
  • Tailored internet access by user, group or domain
  • Have peace of mind with world-class network protection as part of your broadband package
  • Enjoy a price you can afford

School Broadband Filters

We can provide schools with the most advanced education specific filters available.

  • Filtering is fully compliant with the Government's statutory guidelines

  • We can provide off-site filtering control

  • Schools can choose a fully customisable filtering package to allow or block activity depending on the schools policy

  • Schools can choose to have proactive and suspicious search alerts to aid with monitoring and reporting on all users

The most advanced and cost effective security available

Our unique partnership with Fortinet, the global leaders in next generation firewalls, means there is no-one more qualified than Schools Broadband to ensure the full protection of your school’s network. And with the upsurge in changes to the threat landscape, security is more significant now than ever before.

We have different Filtering and Security options to suit your requirements and budget.

Need some advice?

The world of broadband, security and filtering has become a complex one to say the least.

If you would like advice on how a Virtual IT infrastructure can benefit your Trust, or would like to find out more about centrally controlled Web Filtering and Security, our experienced advisers will be very happy to help.