Hosted Netsweeper Web Filtering

As new broadband technology becomes available, bandwidth usage in schools is Skyrocketing. That’s why Talk Straight has invested heavily in its content filtering platform; to ensure we continue to cater to customer’s increasing bandwidth needs.

Our brand-new content filtering platform, developed in conjunction with one of the world’s leading providers of content filtering, Netsweeper, provides a number of advantages over other filtering solutions.

Pro-active Prevent Duty compliant reporting by default

The new filtering platform has an increased reporting functionality. From day one you will receive a number of default reports that you can incorporate or change to fit in with your schools e-safety policy. And as per statutory guidelines, Internal users and IP addresses will be captured so you will always know exactly what content your pupils are browsing.

Increased functionality for Multi-Academy Trusts

For MATs who run a centralised IT service, a “single pane of glass” view will let you make changes to all schools’ filtering policies at the click of a button. For example, should you need to block a website across all your schools, this can be pushed out to all of them immediately. No more logging in to individual schools’ tiers and making the same change to multiple schools’ content filtering settings. Individual schools will retain their own login allowing individual site changes to filtering policies.

Same internal IP address ranges

No more overlapping IP address issues or having to change your schools IP address. Now any school can have the same internal IP address range as any other school using our network, making migration easier with less work to do for network managers.

High availability load-balanced content filtering solution

Our new platform runs on multiple redundant load balancers, spreading content filtering requests to a large pool of content filtering servers. This solution increases the scalability of the platform and allows us to add more capacity by simply adding more servers. New F5 and Cisco technology means outages are now avoidable in the event one or multiple servers fail.

Seamless Upgrades without downtime

Out of band software upgrades and the load balanced filter pool allows content filtering software upgrades to be carried out seamlessly, without any downtime.

Increased speed and throughput

All servers run from a minimum 10Gbit interface which is a ten-fold increase on our old platform. Our core network supports multiple 100Gbit interfaces, meaning many more content filtering servers can be added as required. This will allow schools to make use of new 1Gbit and 10Gbit broadband services as they become available.

You don’t need to have our broadband connection to use our filtering service

Our hosted filtering is available for Schools off-net or on-net. That means schools in contract elsewhere can move to our content filtering systems straight away and move the broadband at a later date.

Inline / Transparent inline proxy

In-line or transparent proxy gives you all the benefit of a traditional explicit proxy solution, but without the burden of pushing out proxy settings to devices. Our in-line Netsweeper provides peace of mind, as all traffic is SSL inspected, blocking both content and key word searches, not just URLs.

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