New Broadband Standards Set by DfE

Find out how your Secondary School can meet the new standards


In March 2022, the DfE set out new standards to be used as guidelines when choosing the right digital infrastructure and technology. Meeting the guidelines will promote safer, more cost-efficient practices in schools and new learning opportunities for students.

The DfE advises that the new standards need to be implemented by schools as soon as possible.

What are the new standards?

The new standards set by the DfE advise that all schools should have:

You can view the DfE’s full standards here.

How can Secondary Schools meet the new standards?


To meet the DfE’s standards, Secondary Schools should look to Leased Line technology.

Not only do Secondary Schools need to meet the new standards, but also plan for the growing demands on networks to handle the increasing use of video conferencing and blended learning.

With a Leased Line from Schools Broadband you can get get the speeds you need now, with the flexibility to upgrade later when your school’s usage inevitably grows.

This should also be backed up by an automatic failover for use in emergencies. Not only is this a requirement of the DfE’s standards, it’s just good sense. Schools’ reliance on technology means that without a failover connection, an outage could mean an entire school grinds to a halt.


When it comes to protecting your pupils, schools need look no further than Schools Broadband. As a member of the Internet Watch Foundation, and partnered with the National Crime Agency, we firmly believe that Safeguarding is at the heart of what we do.

Our hosted web filtering solution provides schools with one of the most comprehensive sets of education specific filters available, allowing schools to meet the DfE’s new internet standards and deliver on Keeping Children Safe in Education requirements.

For Multi Academy Trusts, centralised control enables visibility and management of filtering activity across multi-site schools, ensuring online safety & wellbeing of students across entire trust estates regardless of location. With filtering from Schools Broadband, you can maintain a trust-wide standard and still allow for tailored filtering and reporting for individual schools.

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