Our Network

Schools Broadband work to provide the best possible network dedicated to schools across the UK.

Instant High Speed Bandwidth

Using the industry's best vendors, Schools Broadband has invested in its own rock-solid national network, dedicated solely to education. This gives schools faster connection speeds ensuring access to instant high speed bandwidth all day, every day, 365 days a year.

Complete Protection

Our network design ensures all your incoming and outgoing network traffic passes through our hosted filtering and security platforms. This ensures 100% of your school's traffic is completely safe before it enters your school, keeping your network and your students fully protected.

Back up Service

Unlilke traditional onsite hardware that requires a site visit from an engineer should anything go wrong, our system means we look after all the equipment in our secure UK data centres. Of course, you still have full visibility and control of all your services, but in the unlikely event anything goes wrong, we provide a fully automated back-up service should it be required.

Education Specific Network

We have built a UK schools specific network with direct links to all the main content schools use most. For example, as schools rely so heavily on Google searches, we have a direct link straight into Google's UK network, meaning search results come back faster.

Officially the UK's Best Security Services ISP to schools.



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''High speed bandwidth all day, every day, 365 days a year!''

Schools Broadband, 2016