Dedicated Leased Lines

For larger primary schools and secondary schools.
Available in increments from 100Mbps to 10Gbps.

Key Benefits

Speed: Speed increments available from 100Mbps -10Gbps, 10 times faster than an average secondary school connection

Guaranteed Service: As your leased line is dedicated to you, you are guaranteed 100% of your bandwith along with a guaranteed 99.95% on uptime and connections are more reliable

Reliable: Staff and students will never suffer slow speeds again

Cloud Services: In line with the DfE’s EdTech strategy, our dedicated leased lines fully support 100% cloud-based Management Information Systems (MIS)

Secure: Moving to cloud MIS provides improved security against external threats and can enable secure remote access for staff and pupils wherever they are

Savings: A move to cloud services means onsite servers and their maintenance are no longer required, allowing schools to save on capital expenditure

EdTech: Enable your EdTech vision to become reality

Flexible: Available with or without our hosted filtering & security

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01133 222 333
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    What to expect

    Speed: Guaranteed symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbps

    Reliability: A 99.95% Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 24/7 support and a 5-hour fix time

    Ongoing support: Access to our UK based Network Operations Centre – Find out more

    Easy installation: Our Prince 2 qualified Service Delivery team coordinate everything for youto ensure a seamless installation switch over

    For more information please call
    01133 222 333
    or click here to get in touch.

    Trusted by over 2,000 customers

    “From a security perspective, the single most impressive feature of the Schools Broadband hosted firewall service, is the amount of control we have of it on site… we have almost as much control as if we owned the firewall on-site. If we had to ring support every time we wanted a policy change, it would be a non-starter.”

    David Ryder, IT Director

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