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As a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the National Cyber Security Centre has updated its guidance and is calling on all UK organisations to bolster their online defences due to heightened risk of attack.

In the last 12 months, 70% of secondary schools reported a cyber security attack – The large volume of detailed records held by schools and multi academy trusts make them an attractive target for all cyber criminals.

As cyber criminals adapt, security inevitably grows in complexity, which is why schools are increasingly taking advantage of managed security services.

Schools Broadband protects over 2000 schools with advanced threat protection and have received multiple awards for our schools’ managed security service.
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How can we protect your school?

Award-Winning Managed Security

Combining our unique cloud infrastructure with world-leading Fortinet security technology, we enable some of the world’s most advanced security at an affordable price for schools.

  • Internet and pupil data is protected in real-time against the latest advanced persistent threats with added anti-DDoS protection provided as standard
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring is included as part of our standard managed service
  • Next Generation, hosted Firewalls have fully integrated application control and intrusion prevention with no equipment, maintenance or management costs required
  • Schools have complete control and visibility of hosted firewalls as if they were their own


Even our Web Filtering helps protect against cyber-crime. We’re partnered with the National Crime Agency to offer a unique filtering service that not only blocks cyber-crime related searches, but goes a step further to educate students on the seriousness of cyber-crime and how to make better choices.

  • If a student enters search terms such as “how to DDoS my school”, they will be redirected to a special NCA block page only offered by Schools Broadband.
  • They are informed that taking these actions further could lead to breaking the law, and are directed to the NCA’s Cyber Choices website where they can learn how to put their cyber skills to better use.
  • Repeated searches for cyber-crime related keywords can trigger a report, allowing schools to directly intervene to prevent an attack on their network.
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Useful Downloads

Here we have included a number of free downloads for you to make use of.

We work closely with the National Cyber Security Centre and have included links to a number of their resources as well as our own. Try their 10 Steps To Cyber Security for a simple guide to achieving cyber security in your school, or read their detailed guidance on mitigating malware and ransom attacks.

Now also available is the NCSC’s completely free Cyber Security Training package for schools. The new cyber security training package was developed by the NCSC specifically for schools. The package gives staff an awareness of the cyber security risks which schools face and practical information that will help you protect against these risks.

You can also submit the form below to receive our free Cyber Security Handbook, containing vital information on how to protect your school and meet the DfE’s new standards for online security in schools.

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