The Move to Ultrafast – 7 Things Schools Need to Know

Posted by Schools Broadband on 27/02/2020

You may have heard people talking about the move to ‘full fibre,’ ‘FTTP’ or ‘G.Fast.’ But what does this mean and how can it benefit your school? Here we look at seven things you need to know about Ultrafast FTTP and G.Fast.

1. Ultrafast is the latest in Broadband technology from BT and includes G.Fast and FTTP. They supersede ADSL and FTTC. FTTP uses fibre cables that go directly to your school. G.Fast works in a similar way to FTTC. It uses fibre to the local BT street cabinet and copper from there to your school. Both technologies can deliver speeds up to 12 times faster than those available with FTTC and up to 14 times faster than ASDL lines.

2. With download speeds of up to 1Gbps and 220Mbps upload from March 2020, FTTP provides a faster, reliable, and resilient connection. G.Fast speeds are distance dependent from the local BT street cabinet and drop the further away your schools is from it. However, for not much more than the cost of FTTC (Superfast Broadband), Ultrafast FTTP or G.Fast allows for a seamless browsing experience. Ideal for schools working within budget constraints and where fibre leased lines are too costly, they accommodate multiple browsing and streaming sessions for staff and students.

3. FTTP will be available to approximately 4 million premises by 2021 and 15 million by 2025. G.Fast will be available to 2 million premises by 2021. If your school doesn’t yet have FTTP or G.Fast available, before you enter into lengthy contracts on FTTC or ADSL, check your provider will offer free upgrades to FTTP, so that your school can reap the benefits when it does become available. Schools Broadband is providing free upgrades to all our customers upon availability. You can contact us here at Schools Broadband to find out if FTTP or G.Fast is available in your area.

4. Installation is quick and can sometimes be achieved in as little as two weeks. Remember to ask about timescales when choosing your provider.

5. Schools Broadband is happy to advise on options for FTTP or G.Fast, simply get in touch. You can also easily add Prevent Duty Compliant filtering and award-winning security options to your package for an easy all-in-one solution.

6. Initially BT Openreach had planned to roll out G.Fast to the majority of the country, however due to increased competition from other carriers who are only rolling out FTTP, it became apparent BT Openreach would have to invest in a full FTTP network. G.Fast is far more cost effective in the short term and will be used as an interim solution. Over time, BT Openreach will replace G.Fast with FTTP too. 7. In addition to our relationship with BT, we work with many other wholesale providers who also offer FTTP/Ultrafast services. We regularly bring on new providers to broaden the geographic reach of our Ultrafast connectivity offering. Please get in touch for availability.

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