We provide all secondary school connections via a leased line with a dedicated fibre line to the school. We have Bandwidth options from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps from all major network carriers and guaranteed speeds with a 99% availability 5 Hour Mean time to Repair (MTTR).

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Providing managed and self-managed security, Schools Broadband is the only Fortinet Gold Managed Security Service Provider dedicated to education in the UK.

Built on world-leading carrier grade technologies, our Next Generation Fortigate Firewalls have fully integrated application control and intrusion prevention, enabling granular control of more than 2,400 discrete applications and real-time protection against the latest Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Web Filtering

Schools Broadband has recently invested over £500K in the latest web filtering technology.

For peace of mind, we provide true reliability, scalability and DfE filtering compliance. Our solution protects students from inappropriate content without limiting learning.

  • Tailor internet access by user, group or domain
  • Monitor and report on individual users
  • Set proactive alerts on suspicious searches
  • Expand or contract internet access for specific periods
  • High availability, multiple redundant load balancers
  • Out of band, zero downtime software upgrades
  • Change filtering policies across multiple sites via single pane view
  • Available to schools off-net or on-net (via device client)

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