Bearer Options 100Mbps 1Gbps 10Gbps
Data Rate
100Mbps 200Mbps 300Mbps 400Mbps 500Mbps
1Gbps 2Gbps 3Gbps 5Gbps 10Gbps
Virgin Media Talk Talk Giga Clear IFNL
BT Wholesale Vodafone City Fibre Entanet

Schools Broadband will help you determine the best fibre routes for your school.


Providing managed and self-managed security, Schools Broadband is the only Fortinet Gold Managed Security Service Provider dedicated to education in the UK.

Built on world-leading carrier grade technologies, our Next Generation Fortigate Firewalls have fully integrated application control and intrusion prevention, enabling granular control of more than 2,400 discrete applications and real-time protection against the latest Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Our hosted solution incorporates the largest number of Fortigate Virtual Firewalls per cluster in Europe and is able to detect and respond to new threats by the hour.

Web Filtering

In response to increasing challenges the education market now demands, Schools Broadband has recently invested over £.25 million in a brand new web filtering platform.

Providing a choice of affordable and best of breed filtering solutions, our new platform uses the same proven technology that now protects one in every three UK pupils. Offering true reliability, scalability and DfE compliance, the Schools Broadband filtering solution protects students from inappropriate content without limiting online learning.

  • Tailor internet access by user, group or domain
  • Monitor and report on individual users
  • Set proactive alerts on suspicious searches
  • Expand or contract internet access for specific periods
  • High availability, multiple redundant load balancers
  • Out of band, zero downtime software upgrades
  • Change filtering policies across multiple sites via single pane view
  • Available to schools off-net or on-net (via device client)

Package Builder Overview

Connection Type From 100Mbps to 10Gbps
Package Name Managed Plus Ultimate UTM Ultimate UTM
& Analytics
Security Options On Site Firewall Hosted NGFW Fully resilient UTM platform Fully resilient UTM platform with analytics
Resilience Options Back-up on-site Router & Firewall Full active/passive Hosted Firewall Full active/passive Hosted UTM Firewall Full active/passive Hosted UTM Firewall
Filtering Hosted Netsweeper Hosted Netsweeper Hosted Netsweeper Hosted Netsweeper
Management Options Fully Managed or Unmanaged Fully Managed or Unmanaged Fully Managed or Unmanaged Fully Managed or Unmanaged
Email, Domain & Web Hosting Choice of Self-Serve or Email & Hosting Pack
Back-up Connection 2nd connection broadband or leased line


Our high-speed WANs and Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) can privately connect multiple school sites, all on the same network.

Best described as an extended Local Area Network; servers, networks and devices can be managed from one central point, making it ideal for Multi Academy Trusts and school chains.

  • Secure private data network across multiple sites
  • Simplified network management from one central point
  • Intelligent distribution of bandwidth allows multiple services
  • Fully supported product with true end-to-end QOS