Safe Online Learning

Providing a safe online learning environment for students is now a top priority for every school in the country.

Especially since the Government requires all schools to strengthen their online safety measures as part of the statutory guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Web Filtering Specifically Designed for Schools

Schools Broadband’s cloud hosted service has been specifically designed for schools. It meets all the latest Government statutory guidelines for online safety.

The school web filtering reporting function gives schools visibility of all web use via summary reports, giving a high level overview of what’s happening on a school’s network.

Dynamic mobile device management or mdm, for off-network devices, ensures continuous filtering where teachers are alerted to suspicious search queries, including keywords associated with extremism and other triggers such as cyberbullying, child sexual exploitation or anorexia for example.

''Schools Broadband was the clear choice because of the quality of the web filtering and security''

Steven Hutton, Managing Director, Schools ICT

User Reporting and Monitoring

The Schools Broadband filtering system can drill down to view lists of websites accessed per user, showing the date and time of the suspicious query.

This function has already benefited several vulnerable students and teachers, enabling intervention which would not have been enabled before.

As the Schools Broadband web filtering system is fully customisable, teachers can set filtering policies to match the particular school’s needs. Reports can be accessed for up to 3 months after the activity has taken place.

Customisable Web Filtering

Customisable Web Filtering allows you to...

• Tailor internet access by user, IP, group or domain
• Expand or contract internet access for specific periods of time
• Restrict or block pages quickly and easily
• Have visibility of all web use
• Receive alerts to suspicious online searches
• See and report on all web use with the reporting function
• Manage mobile devices