Cutting Edge WiFi Technology Helps Bridge Rural Digital Divide

Talk Straight Ltd, parent company of Schools Broadband and specialist Internet Service Provider, has brought cutting-edge Ultrafast Broadband without the need for a BT Landline connection, to Garnett Wharfe, a residential housing estate of 250 properties in Otley, West Yorkshire, using the latest Ultrafast Fixed Wireless Access.

Prior to installation, residents could only access slow, unreliable speeds between 7 to 12Mbps download and under 1Mbps upload. Now they receive speeds of up 1,000Mbps on receiving (download) and sending (upload). This recent development has provided a real boost for residents, especially during lockdown when the need for a robust connection is even more critical to enable home working and learning.

Jennifer Aneyard, a resident on the Garnett Wharfe estate has commented: “My daughter finally got to join in her online class today. She absolutely loved seeing her friends and she loved her online lesson.” Brand new, Virtual Fibre Wireless Mesh Technology was deployed, whereby high-capacity Internet links were placed across the estate on lamp posts, to distribute the Internet to residents’ houses.

The wireless signal essentially bounces across the houses, blanketing the estate in Ultrafast wi-fi. In addition to residential communities, the new technology presents exciting opportunities for any Business Enterprise or Municipality that wants to access reliable, fast broadband where it’s currently not physically or economically viable. It can be quickly deployed with self-healing properties and ultra-low latency. The network is also scalable over time, so can be extended as required, making it cost efficient.

Talk Straight Ltd CEO David Tindall comments: “We’re delighted with how the trial has gone and excited to be paving the way in the UK for other organisations to benefit from this ground-breaking technology. It presents endless possibilities to help bridge the Digital Divide, improve public infrastructure and help business and residential properties that have previously suffered where internet access is unavailable or limited.”

“The feedback from Garnett Wharfe residents has been very positive and we’re now in a position to roll out the technology to other organisations and communities that would also benefit.”

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