Failover Lines

Backup your school’s connection to stay online during unexpected outages


Not only is an automatic failover to a backup connection part of the DfE’s current standards (March 2022), it’s vital to ensure continuity of school functions in the event of an outage.

With increasing reliance on technology for everything from blended learning, attendance, and school dinners, to video conferencing for staff, an unexpected outage could cause an entire school to grind to halt.

Browse the options below to find the right backup connection for your school, or call us for advice and information.

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    The right backup connection for your school

    The right backup connection for your school depends on what type of connection you currently have, and your level of traffic.

    FTTC/FTTP: Smaller schools such as Primary schools who use an FTTC or FTTP connection would benefit most from a 4G backup. 4G connections can remain up and running even when fibre lines are disrupted.

    Leased Line: Small to medium sized schools who use a leased line would suit an FTTC or FTTP backup, depending on what’s available. Contact us to find out if Ultrafast FTTP is available in your area.

    Leased Line: For larger secondary schools and MATs or those with heavy reliance on cloud services, we would advise taking a second Leased Line connection. Should your main connection go down, a Leased Line backup has capacity to handle the same high level of usage.

    For more information please call
    01133 222 333
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