Advanced Hosted Security

An all-in-one service combining firewalls, antivirus, ransomware protection and more

Key Benefits

  • Providing robust and effective network security for schools and MATs is our number one priority.
  • It’s what we are known for, it’s what we excel in and it’s why we have been awarded ISPA Best Security four times in five years.
  • It is also why we partner with Fortinet, the global leaders in next generation firewalls and why we regularly invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in our advanced cloud hosted security platform – to provide the best security at an affordable price point for schools.
  • Unlike other providers, we provide advanced Anti DDoS Protection as standard. As a result of this, none of our schools have suffered an outage since 2019 due to a DDoS attack.
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  • Using unique, cloud-hosted Fortinet Managed Security technology, we protect schools and MATs against world-wide Advanced Persistent Threats.
  • Our all-in-one solution combines firewalls, antivirus, e-mail filtering and more in one simple system.
  • No licence fees and no equipment to purchase or maintain.
  • Complete control of hosted firewalls.
  • Secure Remote Working is easy with our firewalls’ built-in capabilities, including FortiToken 2FA.
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind as we manage and monitor your firewall and network 24/7, 365 days a year.

Security FAQs

Our dedicated FortiGate Next Generation Firewalls are hosted on our Schools Broadband platform and provide the unique ability for every one of our customers to have complete control and visibility of their own firewalls, as if they were their own.  

The Schools Broadband hosted security service works across multiple sites with a single pane of glass interface, allowing any number of schools to plug in to any number of services, creating economies of scale ideal for the growth in Multi Academy Trusts. As trusts grow, because all school networks can be protected behind one centrally managed firewall, each new school that joins the trust is fully protected with immediate effect.

Since investing over £200K in our inclusive Anti-DDoS security service, we now automatically detect and remove all malicious traffic in under a second. On average we stop between five and 10 attacks a day with customers remaining unaware of attacks. Since the implementation of this in 2019, still, not one of our schools has suffered an outage due to a DDoS attack. 

Our Threat Protection service encompasses; In-line Anti-Virus Scanning from FortiGuard labs, blocking malicious activity; Application Control, blocking VPN by-pass applications and Automated Indicators of Compromise (IOC) where activity patterns are recognised, and all suspicious activity is alerted. Our Data Leak Prevention service tags data types and files restricting unauthorized document sending, supporting GDPR. The service also integrates with FortiClient Endpoint Security for end-to-end integrated security and analytics. 

Using advanced analytics and AI from the FortiGuard laboratories, whose platforms analyse 100 billion security events every day, and deliver over 1 billion security updates daily, our UTM service includes advanced Intrusion Detection and real-time prevention from new, previously unknown malware. 

We can instantly alert our customers to any severe access attempts within our centralised incident management platform. This allows customers to configure real-time alerts, helping to keep their end-users secure. 

Schools Broadband is Cyber Plus accredited, the highest level of certification offered under the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme. We are also ISO27001 accredited. This is the international standard by which organisations manage their information security We are part of the education working group with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) agreeing best practice and jointly formulating security advice for schools. Our engineers are Fortinet certified to a minimum NSE4 level with some achieving NSE7.   

Yes, our managed firewall solution comes with Unified Threat Management (UTM) which includes but is not limited to: In-line anti-virus scanning, IPS/ IDS, Layer 7 application control and spam filtering.
If you have a question about our security service, please contact us. 

Many Multi-Academy Trusts take advantage of our Wide Area Network (WAN) service. A WAN allows private inter-site communication between all sites.

Our network security service mitigates the very latest network and application threats, stopping attacks before damage can occur.

Updated security signatures are automatically downloaded via the FortiGate firewalls to keep them up to date from the latest threats.

We are Cyber Security Essentials Plus accredited and are able to meet the DfE guidance for Cyber Security Standards.

Yes we provide VPN and Multi Factor Authentication services to secure your remote access.

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