Our Services

All our services have been developed especially for schools and Multi Academy Trusts. That’s why over 2000 schools choose us to protect over 500,000 students.


Keeping your school securely online, 24:7. Even with the hungriest of bandwidths.

Remote working: Our hosted service enables essential administration and network continuity to take place remotely, allowing staff to access school networks securely. Find out more.

e-Safety Filtering and Security

Enable totally safe and secure learning online. 2 Factor Authentication is also available for added security.

Wide Area Networks

Privately connect clusters of schools with maximum security. Ideal for Multi Academy Trusts and groups of schools.

Phone Services

Save money and improve efficiency with our easy-to-manage voice options.

Answer incoming calls from any location or any mobile phone.

Cloud Services

Join our award-winning cloud. Benefit from true scalability, flexibility, security, cost savings and all-round greater efficiency.

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