Phone Services
Save money and improve efficiency with our
easy-to-manage VoIP phone service. Our phone
services are designed especially for schools,
including special safeguarding features.
Get Ready for the
PSTN Switch-Off
Copper phone lines are being withdrawn
from service, meaning every school in the
UK will need to switch to VoIP
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Improve your operational efficiency and save money with a VoIP phone service for schools

3G and 4G enabled phones that access the internet via our Mobile Filtering Service

Internet enabled phones
designed to save your school money

For Remote Learning & Rapid Site Deployment

Prevent Duty

Trusted by over
2,500 customers

“From a security perspective, the single most impressive feature of the Schools Broadband hosted firewall service, is the amount of control we have of it on site… we have almost as much control as if we owned the firewall on-site. If we had to ring support every time we wanted a policy change, it would be a non-starter.”

David Ryder, IT Director