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Improve your operational efficiency
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Did you know? BT has already started the withdrawal of ISDN phone lines, which means schools will need to switch to a VoIP phone service.

There are big benefits to switching to VoIP however, as these services run over an internet connection.  That means they replace ISDN phone lines and can provide cost savings of up to 70% on line rental and 100% on call charges.

These are savings you could make straight away,  and  by preparing for switchover early,  you’ll beat the migration rush!

“My School Phone” from Schools Broadband is a VoIP telephony service for schools and MATS of all sizes.  Packed with clever features, its comprehensive range of facilities improves operational efficiencies all round.  Easy to use and simple to configure, this dedicated school VoIP phone service is guaranteed to save you money.

For more information please download the product sheet.

For advice on the forthcoming cessation of traditional ISDN phone lines please  contact us or download the guide.

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    Key Benefits

    Secure: Secure your phones, voicemail and web-portal from unauthorised access and passwords with pin numbers

    Scalable and Flexible: No matter how much your school or MAT grows, My School Phone can grow with you. Add extra phones or update system preferences

    Efficient: Link office phones to mobiles, perfect for staff on the move. Share three-way calls and have all your internal and external telephone numbers quickly to hand with the Address Book feature

    Easy Management and Control: Manage and monitor your usage performance and costs, add extra phones or update system preferences

    For more information please call
    01133 222 333
    or click here to get in touch.

    Trusted by over 2,000 customers

    “From a security perspective, the single most impressive feature of the Schools Broadband hosted firewall service, is the amount of control we have of it on site… we have almost as much control as if we owned the firewall on-site. If we had to ring support every time we wanted a policy change, it would be a non-starter.”

    David Ryder, IT Director

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