New Deadline For The PSTN Switch-Off

More Time Required To Manage VoIP Compatibility With Critical, Security & Alarm Services

How Will This Affect Your School?

Some of you may have heard already that the BT Group announced it has delayed the PSTN SwitchOff of all copper-based data and phone lines across the UK until January 2027. That’s 13 months later than originally planned. Despite the extension, BT will continue switching off local telephone exchanges. The goal remains the same: the eventual shutdown of the PSTN therefore BT is urging organisations not to delay their plans for transitioning.

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BT’s switch-off trials showed there was a need for more time to allow everyone to transition smoothly to the new VoIP based phone services. This largely relates to managing the compatibility of existing equipment with VoIP such as the impact of the switch-off on security systems, emergency lines and payment terminals, known as special or critical services.  

What Steps Does Your School Need To Take To Be Ready?

If you haven’t already put plans in place to transition to VoIP, or you’re not sure where to start, Schools Broadband has created a useful guide which includes among other information what is VoIP and how does it work, how to assess your current phone system in your school, how to switch from PSTN to VoIP and guidance on ensuring your broadband connectivity is adequate for VoIP.  For more information on how to migrate your school phone system to VoIP, feel free to contact us, we are very happy to advise and help in any way. 01133 222 333 – or request a call.

What Are The Benefits Of Moving To a VoIP Phone System?

If you’re wondering what the benefits of VoIP for schools are, there are many, not least the important savings on phone line rental and call costs. Also, VoIP providers catering specifically to schools such as Schools Broadband, provide special safeguarding features for educational institutions like the built-in alert and broadcasting feature for emergencies and lockdowns in schools. You can find out more on this here.   

How to Prepare For The PSTN Switch-Off

To ensure you’re ready for the PSTN switch-off 

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