Schools Broadband Appointed to Norfolk County Council Broadband Supplier Framework

We are pleased to announce that Schools Broadband has been appointed as a supplier to the Norfolk County Council  Broadband Supplier Framework. 

Norfolk County Council ran a full procurement process assessing the Schools Broadband technical solutions and compliance against legislation.  They carried out financial checks, as well as checking our experience in working with educational establishments to ensure we meet procurement regulations.

As a result, you can now use the framework to carry out a direct award to Schools Broadband for the supply, installation, management, maintenance, technical architecture, design and project management associated with your broadband provision and the framework  is completely free to use.

If you would like more information about Norfolk County Council Broadband Framework or have a potential procurement opportunity, please contact or click here to find the right connection for your school.

For more information please call 01133 222 333 or click here to get in touch.