Taking Financial Control of Trust Technology

According to the latest research from the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), cost savings are one of the key priorities this year for Multi Academy Trusts, with the majority looking to make significant savings in IT and IT infrastructure.

Of interest to anyone responsible for their Trust’s budget therefore, will be the development of cloud-based technologies and the direct impact cloud-hosted services have, on reducing IT and phone costs, cutting workloads and improving operational efficiencies.

This is no more relevant than for Multi Academy Trusts, whose schools are spread across wide geographic areas, and because of this, can benefit the most.

In our latest white paper, we set out considerations for MAT board members and school senior leadership teams, to help shape a new approach to finding a balance between central economic control of IT and localised IT activity.

You can download the paper for free, by clicking here.

If you’d like to understand more about how we can assist your MAT to help improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs, call a member of our team on 01133 222 333 or email: info@schoolsbroadband.co.uk.