Become a Cyber Explorer and build your Cyber Skills Online

New Online Training Platform for School Pupils announced in Government’s National Cyber Strategy.

The Government has published its new National Cyber Strategy which sets out how the UK will solidify its position as a global cyber power.

The strategy builds on the significant progress made on cyber over the last five years which has seen the UK cyber security sector grow rapidly.

Through the strategy, the Government is calling on all parts of society to play their part in reinforcing the UK’s economic and strategic strengths in cyberspace – this means more diversity in the workforce, levelling up the cyber sector across all UK regions, and prioritising cyber security in the workplace.

In order to instill these skills for life and lay the foundations for cyber-aware and skilled future generations, it’s important that this begins in the classroom. So the Government is announcing a new “Cyber Explorers” online training platform which will teach young people cyber skills.

The release of this training as an online platform continues the trend of learning being delivered via online methods. This was already well under way with the proliferation of affordable technology and connectivity available to schools, but increased dramatically as schools turned to online services to provide home-learning for self-isolating pupils and during lockdown periods.

It’s clear that now more than ever, schools need an internet service that’s not only safe, secure and reliable, but one that’s also ready for the demands of the future.

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