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What to expect on your Go Live date

Your go live date is approaching and we look forward to transitioning your school to its new broadband service. 

While the appointment will be booked for three hours, your school’s internet connection will normally only be unavailable for less than thirty minutes.

The Installation Process

  • Check equipment (router) is on site 
  • Check whether the school has a VOIP telephone system 
  • Engineers will guide client through the installation of equipment 
  • Filtering, firewall and reporting will be set up  
  • VPN set up (if required)
  • Certificates and authentication software will be deployed  
  • Testing will be conducted
  • On the ‘go-live’ date, the person who manages the install must have access to the schools computer systems, the communications equipment at the school, and the server. A knowledge of the schools infrastructure would also be of benefit. Please do ensure that the person or third party nominated to be the schools technical representative is aware of the requirement to be on site at the time of the appointment and has the availability to attend for the appointment slot of up to three hours. 


No, but the server needs to be accessible for software deployment. Our engineers should be able to assist the chosen technical representative for the school to deploy to the windows devices remotely. 

Sometimes. There may be a piece of software installed called a proxy on this type of device which will need to be removed before the new solution can be installed. There are two options for managing these.  

  1. If you have group management software for devices, our engineer can guide you through bulk removing the proxy and then installation of the new software. Schools with a large number of mobile devices are most likely to have this software. 

  2. If each device is stand alone, our engineers can show you how to remove the proxy and install the new software. 

We aim to have everything connected and functional after a maximum of three hours. If there is a problem that will prevent us from doing that, we will discuss that with the school on the day of the appointment and decide on the best course of action.

We appreciate your third-party representatives are busy people, and understand they are normally contracted to assist the school for a set amount of time in a week or month. We also understand that schools need their broadband connectivity to function. Because of this, we do aim to complete the transition in one appointment, within three hours, so that all aspects of the new service are installed and ready to use within that timeframe.  

Sometimes, issues arise which may mean the installation takes slightly longer, but normally the school will not be left without broadband as all parties can revert to the exiting provision whist problems are investigated and fixed. In these instances, we will work with the third-party supplier to have the school up and running as soon as possible.  

Another aspect of the install that may cause issue is where there is a school that shares a connection, as there may be legacy equipment within the infrastructure of the school. We can provision this but it may cause slight delay.  

The other aspect of install that may take longer is the removal of proxy settings from any Android or Apple devices, unless group management systems are in use. 

Not necessarily. If your school previously used a different firewall and filtering system, operationally the system will be different. Outputs will be different too as the rules within the existing system are not fully replicable between that and the new one.

This means that overall protection will be installed but some fine tuning will be required in the weeks that follow go live. For example, you may want some web addresses unblocking. If you have a managed service, you can raise a ticket and we can make those changes for you. If you have a self-service option, you can access the platform and make those changes yourself.

Contact Information

  • You can log tickets to raise issues, request a meeting or ask questions through our portal. Incoming tickets are monitored, and any urgent requests will be dealt with in a prompt manner.

    You can login to the portal using the button below. If you need help accessing the portal, contact Technical Support.

If unable to raise a ticket, please call the team to log your enquiry

Technical Support 01133 222 333 – Option 2

Lines open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Out-of-hours emergency calls will be diverted to our on-call technician. Requests are assigned individual case numbers and will be dealt with promptly by our skilled team.

Contacts and Escalation Points

If for any reason the delivery process falls short of your expectation, please let us know via the portal or contact Customer Relations by telephone

Customer Relations: 01133 222 333 Option 1

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