Government launches Guide for Education Providers and the Technology Industry

The Government’s latest Edtech strategy guide has been launched to help education providers address the challenges faced when it comes to understanding how technology can support positive change in schools.

Two key report findings highlight the need for poor internet connectivity in schools to be addressed and for schools to move to Cloud-based systems. It purports that; ‘Without the right connection to the building, education institutions will be unable to reap the potential benefits of technology.’ A knock-on effect of poor connectivity is that schools are unable to benefit from ‘working collaboratively with online tools or from moving storage solutions to the cloud.’

It goes on to highlight a government initiative for schools nationwide to have access to a modern broadband infrastructure, and for all education providers to actively consider and evaluate the benefits of moving to a cloud-based approach for their IT system (moving away from relying solely on ‘on-site’ servers). The implication of switching to cloud-based systems is that they are ‘usually more secure, cheaper to run and enable more flexible working.’

Schools Broadband has brought cloud-hosted solutions to over a thousand schools across the UK, in order to bring them Ultrafast, reliable connectivity whilst saving them money and time.

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