Homeworker Phone Systems

We know many schools remain open to support Key Workers’ children, and to complete necessary building and maintenance works. To enable school managers and other key staff to keep lines of communication open with parents and other school employees, the Schools Broadband hosted phone system couldn’t be better.


The “My School Phone” hosted phone system lets school staff answer incoming calls from any location or any mobile phone; a critical communications service during the current national lockdown. Whether or not you are an existing Schools Broadband customer, this service can be “bolted” on to your existing phone service, enabling staff to answer or make calls from home or on any personal mobile device.

The service provides a hosted telephony platform that enables diverted calls to be answered, at any location, with or without internet access. Where internet access is not available, a mobile phone app can be downloaded to either Apple or Android devices. The app enables staff to answer school calls on their own devices, and then as with any phone system, transfer the call, or ask the caller to leave a voicemail message.

Set-up of the service can be in as little as three to four working days. Calls made from personal mobiles will not be charged to the mobile account. Find out more about our My School Phone or contact us to speak to a member of the team.