Improving Safeguarding In School Emergencies Webinar

Free Webinars Thursday 2nd May 11.00am – 12.00pm | 2.00pm – 3.00pm Join us for a FREE webinar where we will look at how the Schools Broadband VoIP phone safeguarding and alerting service can help improve response times to lockdowns, evacuations, invacuations, reduce your costs and get you ready for the copper phone line switch-off. […]

Maximizing True Value: Prioritising Quality Broadband & Security

Broadband, Safeguarding and Security Services for Schools How Choosing Quality Over Cost Can Unlock True Value At Schools Broadband, we understand that navigating through the sea of service providers can be daunting. With varying quotes and promises, it’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of options. However, we firmly believe that when it comes […]

The PSTN Switch-Off

What is the PSTN Switch-Off, What Does it Mean for Your School and What Action Will You Need to Take? When Will This Take Place? The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch-off is part of a decade long programme to upgrade old copper networks to full fibre. PSTN and ISDN networks are already at end […]

KCSiE Compliance and Digital Obligations Webinar

Wednesday March 20th | 10am-11am Join us for a FREE webinar featuring Safeguarding Consultant Joanne Bocko where we’ll be covering the digital aspects of Keeping Children Safe in Education with the chance to ask questions and share best practice with your peers in education. Agenda: Online Risks: The 4 Cs: Content, Contact, Conduct, Commerce Key […]

DfE Digital & Technology Standards Update

Meeting Digital & Technology Standards In Schools On the 16th January 2024 the Department of Education published two new sets of standards for IT services and digital accessibility. The standards are intended as guidelines for schools, to support them in choosing the right digital infrastructure and technology. Meeting the standards will help schools and MATs […]

Webinar for Kent Schools

Webinar: Choosing The Right Broadband Provider For EducationTuesday 12th December 10-11am Cantium (Kent County Council) broadband contracts will cease in March next year, and as some broadband services can take 3-4 months to install, time is running out. We will therefore be holding a webinar on Tuesday 12th December to ensure you have all the […]

Schools Broadband Awarded Best Customer Protection

Schools Broadband awarded “Best Customer Protection” 2023 at the 25th ISPA Awards Last week saw The Internet Services Providers’ Association (ISPA UK) unveil the winners of the 25th Anniversary ISPA Awards, whereby the winners represent the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in the ISP industry. Talk Straight, parent company of Schools Broadband, is therefore thrilled and […]

Navigating Broadband Options: A Buyer’s Guide for School Business Managers

Understanding the different types of broadband and their associated speeds is crucial for ensuring your school stays connected and runs efficiently. A reliable, high-speed broadband connection is the backbone of seamless operations for every successful school in the country, so it’s important you make the right choice. In this guide, as well as looking at […]

Quick Tips For Better Cyber Security

Minimising Cyber Risks in Schools Whilst the Schools Broadband Cyber Security service is designed to identify and protect your organisation from falling victim to cyberattacks, any security organisation will tell you that your staff and pupils will always be the weakest link in your protection strategy. Regular training should be given in schools to show […]

Talk Straight Tackles Yorkshire Marathon for Charity

Talk Straight continued its fundraising campaign for Leeds charity Zarach by tackling the Yorkshire Marathon Relay held on Sunday 15th October. Sallie Bewell, Victor Josi, Luke Watson, Lee Moores and Mark Hayden put on their running shoes and completed the marathon in 4hrs 26secs, raising £600 and putting Talk Straight’s total raised for Zarach this […]