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If you’re looking for a phone system that will save you money and have a significant impact on the efficiency of your school’s call handling – My School Phone covers everything the busiest of school offices could throw at it.

My School Phone is a securely hosted, cloud telephony service that has been designed with schools in mind. Best described as a virtual phone system, it is easy to use and simple to configure.

Calls are made and received over a voice-over-internet broadband connection, but feels just like using an ordinary phone – though ordinary it is not!

My School Phone is packed with clever features to make communication in schools run more smoothly: it provides easy access to contacts, voicemail and faxes and makes it straightforward to monitor and take calls - even when you’re out and about.

Call pick-up groups plus easy ways to share and transfer calls, support efficient team-working. Music on Hold and smart features mean callers are not left hanging on the line.

To find out more about My School Phone and how it could help your school, please contact us on 01133 222 333 or use our quick contact form.

You can also download the My School Phone product overview to the right.

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