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A tailored cloud service for schools and MATs, by Schools Broadband in partnership with hi-impact

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Schools Broadband specialises in Cloud-Hosted Services and Virtual, Private Wide Area Networks for schools and MATs of all sizes.

This means you gain affordable access to the most up-to-date connectivity, filtering, security and VoIP technology available. Technology that keeps your pupils safe, your data protected, and your school KCSiE and DfE compliant. There are no expensive servers to buy, house or maintain, and we are wholly committed to providing the best value connectivity types available.

We’ve partnered with hi-impact, a local Merseyside company transforming education in hundreds of schools across the UK and abroad through tailored tech integration.

By carefully customising tech solutions for schools, on-site tech CPD, and innovative tech teaching for students, hi-impact‘s bespoke approach empowers schools, staff and students to achieve excellence in education.

Through this exciting partnership, we’re bringing you a complete edtech package, to keep your schools connected, safe and compliant.

For an in-depth guide on how to choose your next school broadband provider, download our Buyer’s Guide to School Broadband below:

Please note that this is an exclusive offer provided to schools in your area through our partnership with hi-impact. Please get in touch via the contact form on this webpage or the telephone number displayed below. Our Quick Quote service may not accurately reflect the deals and services available to you through this promotion.

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Making the Switch

  • You must allow a minimum of four months to order new broadband services. The longer the better to avoid any unexpected delays
  • Aim to place orders by November 2024
  • Cancel your existing broadband service with your current provider. This will prevent your contract from auto-renewing
  • Review your schools broadband speed requirements.
    Call us on 0151 541 3799 if you need help with this
  • Refer to the Broadband Buyer’s Guide
Contact Us
For more information please call

0151 541 3799


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