e-Safety and Filtering

Education-specific content filtering to support your school’s Prevent Duty compliance

Key Benefits

  • Control devices across multiple sites from one central hub
  • Receive alerts for suspicious searches and lockout repeat offenders
  • Block websites for set periods, at school, classroom, group or device level
  • View web use with the real-time reporting function, including 12 months of historical data
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    The Schools Broadband education-specific filters provide your school with safe, fast access to valuable education resources whilst effectively preventing access to inappropriate content.

    Our hosted web filtering solution has one of the most comprehensive sets of education specific filters available to schools. Subscribing to the Internet Watch Foundation URL and image hash list, as well as the Home Office Terrorism Block List, we more than ensure your school’s Prevent Duty Compliance when it comes to online safety.

    Our cloud-hosted and load-balanced filtering platform also means no upfront equipment costs, or expensive equipment to maintain, replace or manage.

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    “From a security perspective, the single most impressive feature of the Schools Broadband hosted firewall service, is the amount of control we have of it on site… we have almost as much control as if we owned the firewall on-site. If we had to ring support every time we wanted a policy change, it would be a non-starter.”

    David Ryder, IT Director

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