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the national switch to VoIP

National Switch to VoIP Deadline

The national withdrawal of traditional phone lines (the PSTN Switch-Off) is already underway and the entire country will need to switch to VoIP or lose access to a working phone service.

As a valued Schools Broadband customer, we’re here to make sure you not only get through the switch-off smoothly, but benefit from it too!

  • Fill in the form for a call back from your account manager to discuss your school’s requirements.
  • We’ll configure all the handsets for you so there’s no tricky set-up process when you receive them.
  • Within just two weeks your handsets will arrive, ready to “plug & play”. We also provide full training via our online platform so you can learn how to get the most out of your new VoIP system.

It’s as simple as that! You’re now ready to take advantage of the many benefits of My School Phone, including reduced costs and features to improve efficiency and safeguarding.

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Key Benefits

Reduced Costs: Includes free call bundles to UK numbers and no line rental required.

Scalable and Flexible: No matter how much your school or MAT grows, My School Phone can grow with you.

Efficient: Link office phones to mobiles, voicemail to email, enjoy speedy click-to-dial directory dialing, monitor calls and much more.

Easy Management and Control: Manage and monitor your usage performance and costs.

Work Anywhere: Make, take and transfer calls from any location. Ideal for home working.

Safeguarding Features

  • Lockdown & Security Alerts: An alarm plays through handset speakers, alerting staff and students.
  • Paging Alerts: Built-in paging for school-wide broadcasts, invaluable in an emergency.
  • Dedicated Lines: for different departments including absence lines, dedicated student support lines, and SEN staff.
  • Secure Group Calls: with pins to protect sensitive safeguarding conversations.
  • Call recording: Important calls can be retained or replayed.
  • Internal Chat Messaging: Use chat messaging on the app for discrete communication.
Contact Us
For more information please call

01133 222 333

or click here to get in touch.

Get Ready for the PSTN Switch-Off

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch-off is well underway with a rolling “End of Life” programme running throughout 2024/5. The programme ends in December 2025 when all areas will be switched. Check here to see when your local exchange plans to switch off the copper network in your area. If your school does not already use a VoIP service, you will need to start planning your switchover now. Watch our video for everything you need to know.